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A Few Faves – Part 2

A few weeks ago I showcased a couple of my favorite cakes that I’ve made so I’ve decided to show a couple more. I do think that it’s kind of hard to choose favorites since I really do like all the cakes that I make.

The first cake I want to highlight is one I made for my friend Jeremy’s mom. She is a huge fan of The Beatles, so he had asked me to make her a cake replicating them crossing Abbey Road. I decided to make it colorful with the yellow and purple and even included a red stripe around the bottom part of the cake. This has become a popular cake among my friends and other people that I’ve shown my cakes to.


Another favorite is always the Transformers cake. This was for my friend Kristy’s nephew. The small Bumblebee transformer cake went with this one. This was actually the second Transformers cake that I have made, except I included the lettering on this one and since I had practice once, I think it looks a little better than the first.


The last cake I wanted to show was one that I made for my friend Alicia’s birthday. I knew easily that this cake would have the Coors light logo on it, she is such a fan of Coors light, she has the mountains tattooed on her foot. I had to make the grey color using black food coloring. And it actually took me two tries before getting the ‘Coors’ part to look right. This cake has also become pretty popular among my friends.



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