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Fun With Fondant

I’ve discovered that fondant has a few more uses than just to cover a cake. Honestly, I think that covering a cake well is one of the hardest parts about using fondant. Its always easy to roll it out and make the top look nice and smooth. But when it comes to smoothing out the sides, it becomes a little bit harder to make sure that it’s nice and smooth with no wrinkles. It’s also really pretty easy to roll it out and cut it into the shapes needed for your decorations.

Since it has the consistency like that of play-doh, it’s very easy to use and is super pliable. Take this cake for my boss’ son’s second birthday. At the time he was a big fan of cars, especially the Disney movie Cars, and trains. My boss and his wife are also slightly germophobes, so they had asked for two cakes; one for everyone and one for him to blow out the candles on, called a ‘spit-cake,’ in case he spits a little bit while blowing out the candles. The cake for everyone was the Lightning McQueen cake that I posted previously. The spit cake is this one with the little train on it. The train is only made out of fondant and pieced together to make the little train car.


Another cake that I have used fondant to mold and make a 3-D decoration out of was this collage cake I made a for a friend’s parents. It was their anniversary and a Christmas time cake. It highlighted the college his parents met, the restaurant they own, where they’ve lived and a Christmas tree of course for the holiday season



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