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Cake Flavored Alcohol = Winning

Yesterday, October 26th was my friend Faith’s birthday. Unfortunately, I was way too busy this week and dust have time to make her one. Fortunately, one of the girls that we work with insisted that she’d make her one. Instead I made her a little birthday cake shot. As most of you might know, I work at a bar, so we came up with a special little shot for her

We recently got one of the newest Three Olives vodka flavors, which happens to be cake flavored. Naturally when I saw the bottle I was ecstatic- cake and vodka are two of my favorite things. Below is the shot that we came up with, it consists of cake vodka, vanilla infused whipped cream and sprinkles.



One of my favorite shows ever is Ace of Cakes with Duff Goldman. There is an episode where Duff was asked to make a cake for ‘Lebowski-Fest.’ So for those who haven’t seen The Big Lebowski, first of all you’re missing out and second if all, the main character, The Dude, only drinks white russians. And for those who have seen the movie, Duff and his team made a giant severed toe. They also drenched the cake in vodka and mixed kahlua into the buttercream frosting

Now, because of that episode and this delicious vodka and whipped cream, I’ve decide that one of my next goals is to make a drunk cake. Since the cake vodka basically tastes like funfetti cake, I figure I’ll make a funfetti cake, let it cool, and then pour the vodka into the cake so that it soaks in. Next. I’ll take the vodka infused whipped cream and mix it in with the frosting.

I’m pretty sure that this cake will definitely have to be kept in a fridge or freezer or eaten quickly-to avoid the cake becoming too soggy


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