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Beer + Cupcakes = Genius

I once dated a guy who was a big beer drinker. Because of him, I started drinking different types of beers and learning what beers can be paired with certain foods. I started following different cake blogs to find new recipes and get ideas for new cakes
One website that I did find is a little place in Spokane, Washington called Sweet and Stout. There, they have mixed beer in with their recipes to make beer cupcakes. Since I’ve discovered that I thoroughly enjoy pumpkin beers, darker ales and flavored stouts, I think that some of these cupcakes would be pretty delicious. I will be sure to continue to follow their blog and twitter and try some of their recipes if I can find the right beers to incorporate.
There are a few recipes I definitely saw that I think would be really awesome to try.  This first one I saw is a chocolate pumpkin cheesecake cupcake. Since this cupcake basically adds together three of my favorite things, I will have to try to replicate these somehow.  I love pumpkin spice cakes, especially around this time of year, but I find that the thought of adding beer, chocolate and cheesecake in the cupcakes would make it awesomely different.

Another recipe that I saw that I would really like to try is one that is a smoked porter maple bacon cupcake, made with Alaskan Smoked Porter, maple cream cheese frosting and bacon bits.  The way I see it is you can’t go wrong with a nice dark porter, cream cheese frosting and bacon!

My brother is going to Spokane this week, so naturally I’m going to have him go by the shop and try them for me.


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