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In only about 2 years, I feel like I have made a lot of cakes, especially the fact that I’ve made them all for friends and family members. I have definitely acquired a few favorite cakes, as I think would anyone. I can’t really say yet that I have a favorite, but I have been able to narrow it down to my top five favorite cakes so far.

One of which is this San Francisco Giants cake. l made it just for fun one day, trying to get some cake practice in. This is my favorite baseball team and I happened to have a lot of this chocolate fondant, which makes for a good ‘almost-black’ color. I added the little orange ribbon around the bottom to add some color, and made little orange balls to go around the top tier. Then, of course I traced the SF logo for the top part


One of my other favorites, sticking to the sports theme, was a San Francisco 49ers cake for my brother’s 25th birthday. It was a white cake with banana pudding as the center. I added a brown ribbon and field goal posts. Like the Giants cake, I included little balls around the top tier, this time in the shape of footballs. Next, using black, yellow, red, and white fondant, I made the 49ers logo. I also used black food coloring to outline the ‘SF’


Another top favorite cake of mine was made for a friend. While I think we an all agree that everyone in my generation has to like the Ninja Turtles, no matter who you are, my friends are no exception. Naturally, I made my friend a Ninja Turtles cake. Once again. I put a brown ribbon around the bottom part for extra color. Then I cut out four turtle heads and made bandanas in their respective colors. For the finishing touch, I added the eyeballs and mouths 🙂



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  1. Can i put my order in for a 12 pack of Pabst cupcakes? Please!!


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