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Don’t mess this one up

One of the hardest things to do when someone wants a really detailed cake, is to make sure everything is right and perfect.  Sometimes it’s really hard to make sure that it is perfect.  This is one of the reasons that I make sure I lay everything out and arrange it how I’ll want it before attaching everything for good.  Not to say that I have been perfect on all my cakes, and I’m sure that at some point I’ll mess one up but in the meantime, I’ll try to make sure they are all on point.

I found this website recently,  CakeWrecks, which is hilarious.  It is a blog that has really funny cakes that have gone horribly wrong.  It definitely make me feel a little better for anytime that a cake of mine has become messed up.  Not only do they have the ridiculously funny cakes, but they also include some really awesome and good looking cakes too.

Yesterday, this cake post was on there, I thought it was pretty cute, and feel like Steve Jobs would have appreciated it

Another one of my favorite cakes that I saw on there recently is this camouflage wedding cake on a tractor tire



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  1. I took a cake-decorating class once, when I was much younger, and I’m pretty sure my cakes would have ended up on CakeWrecks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Tiffany. I took one class but it was the most basic class ever, I stopped going because I only wanted to go the last few more advanced classes. Plus, I’m sure your cakes couldn’t have been that bad.


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