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Fondant 102

when I tell people that I decorate my cakes using fondant, they usually ask if it’s hard to use and I can tell you that it is pretty simple to do.
The first step is pretty obvious, to bake a cake and let it cool. Next is to cut the cake in half and put frosting or pudding in the center to make layers. Then cover the cake using frosting. Here I have used chocolate frosting


The next step is to roll out the fondant. You want to make sure to roll the fondant on wax paper or powdered sugar, to make sure it doesn’t stick to the counter. You also want to roll the fondant about 1/4″ thick. There’s no need for it to be much thicker and if it’s too thin,it might crack or break. Here I have used chocolate fondant



Next you want to lay the fondant over the cake and using both hands smooth it out over the cake. You want to start on the top and work toward the edges and down the sides


Next, I use a pizza cutter to cut off the excess around the edge and make it look clean


Next, figure out the design that is going to be used and make the desired colors you need, if necessary, using gel food coloring. Like before, I’ll the fondant out 1/4″ and cut out the designs needed, using cookie cutters like I have here, or using an exacto knife works well too


As you can probably guess, you place the designs in the cake. When you’re satisfied with the placement, you can ‘glue’ them on, using frosting or a little bit of water. Then you can show off how pretty your cakes are! 🙂




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  1. I’ve always been scared of fondant.

    PS I stumbled this post and it looks like it got some pretty good traffic to your blog. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by Jessica. I’m glad to hear that I’m getting people to see my blogs. I was pretty scared myself the first time I used fondant but I’ve discovered that like many other things, practice makes perfect (My work’s not necessarily perfect but I’m working on it)


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