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My greatest idol is Duff Goldman, from the show Ace of Cakes.  Duff is the head chef of the famous Charm City Cakes in Baltimore.  I think that he is an amazingly talented decorator and I love how he goes about decorating his cakes.  and hoe hes uses power tools and lights and other cool stiff to get the full effect of his cakes.  I’m also pretty sure he’s the coolest guy ever.  You can see that he has a true love for cake, like myself.  One of my goals in life is for sure to one day meet Duff.  I think if I could somehow meet him one day, my life would be complete. 

Another idol of mine is Buddy Valastro, from the show Cake Boss.  Buddy owns Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey.  He definitely has a different way of decorating his cakes than the way Duff does.  It seems to me that Buddy goes all out when he makes his cakes and to make them look really lifelike.  I also think that if I could ever meet Buddy, it would be an honor.

Because of these two amazing people, I have gained a lot of knowledge about cakes.  I’ve also gotten a lot of good decorating ideas from watching these shows.  Thanks to these two men, I have gotten a lot my creativity and inspiration and if I ever get the chance, I would love to thank them

This is Duff Goldman, my number one idol

And this is Buddy Valastro






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