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Carving Cakes

Every now and then someone will come to me and want a cake that isn’t just a circle or square.  Sometimes someone wants a cake that needs to be carved out of several stacked cakes in order get a full effect.   The big burger cake that I posted in my last blog – the awful awful cake – was carved out of three separate cakes.  The bottom cake wasn’t carved at all and the middle one was carved around the outside to imitate a burger patty, while the top layer was rounded out to look like a bun.

Cakes are pretty simple to carve, especially if they are frozen overnight.  This also helps create less crumbs while carving the cakes.  The first step to carving a cake is to stack them with a frosting or pudding or other filling you want to use.  There is no need to ice the cake yet, because we ice the cake after it is carved.  Next, we freeze the stacked cakes overnight in plastic wrap.  Let the cake thaw for about thirty minutes before carving.  As you can all guess, the next step is to carve out the shape needed for the cake at hand, ice with frosting and cover with fondant and decorate!

Yes, it’s that easy!

This is a Lightening McQueen -from the movie Cars – made for my boss’ son.  I started with two 8×8 square cakes and carved out the car shape before decorating him

Another carved cake was for a friend’s nephew, who really wanted a Bumblebee cake -from the movie Transformers.  This cake was actually only a little bit bigger than a softball, but like before, carved his little head out



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