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My First Baking Blog

Hi everyone!! Most of you probably know me but for those who don’t, my name is Hanna Marner.  I have always had a great love for baking and decorating cakes.  I have had no professional training as far as baking or decorating but have become a pretty skilled baker and decorator. Also, since I have discovered how to effectively use fondant to decorate with more detail, I have decided that I would really love to open my own bakery one day.  I was inspired to start a baking blog because I thought it would be a lot of fun, learn some new things and pass on some of the cake baking and decorating knowledge that I have come to know.

In future posts, I plan to add some tips and tricks that I have learned about baking and decorating.  I also wanted to start a blog to share recipes with my followers and maybe accept any other tips, tricks, or recipes that any followers might want to share as well.  I also plan to share photos of all the cakes that I have made in the past and cakes that I make as I decorate them.

Hopefully you’ll all enjoy my cakes and learn something new!

This was the first cake that I decorated 🙂


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  1. Very Nice Hanna. Good Job


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